We love this candle for spring and summer time. Its the perfect blend of clean, floral and soft fruitness. 


The Magnolia is what you smell first followed by the sweet peach and the tart raspberry. Ellie and I LOVE to pick fruit here in Florida. Spring time is our favorite because thats the season here for all the best fruit. Janurary brings the best oranges, February is for the juciest strawberries, April and May are our favorite for the peaches and blueberries, then onto raspberries & blackberries in June/ July. We go every year and gather our own from thw local farms and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. 


One of my springtime best sellers with notes of Peach, Raspberry and Magnolia make this a perfect springtime candle. It's not too sweet with a clean finish. 

Sun Kissed

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