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Step into a sanctuary of cleansing and tranquility with our 'Smudge' candle, a sacred blend of white sage, rosemary, and lavender, crafted to purify the spirit and soothe the soul.

White sage, revered for centuries by indigenous cultures for its cleansing properties, takes center stage, its earthy aroma clearing the air of negative energy and inviting in clarity and renewal.


Rosemary adds a touch of herbal vitality, infusing the scent with a fresh and invigorating energy, reminiscent of a sun-drenched herb garden in full bloom.


Meanwhile, lavender whispers a soft floral melody, its gentle fragrance wrapping you in a cocoon of calm, like a warm embrace at the end of a long day.


Let the purifying power of white sage, the revitalizing essence of rosemary, and the soothing comfort of lavender create a sacred sanctuary in your home, where you can pause, breathe, and reconnect with your true essence.

Smudge Candle

  •  *8 oz Mason jar - 40-45 hour burn time.


    *12 oz tumbler & Floral candle - 55-60 hour burn time.  


    *16 oz Mason Jar - 90-100 hour burn time. 

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