Ahh Pura Vida! Named after my beautiful trip to Costa Rica. When I booked this trip last minute at the end of 2019, I was completely depleted. I had been working so hard, trying to grow my business, be a good single parent, learn who the hell I was, be ALL the things for everyone and somehow I let myself get to a point where I wanted to throw my phone out the window and just quit. 


Thankfully one of my best friends convinced me to just get out my credit card and do it, she was so right because I never would've. I'm so happy I listened to her because this trip not only saved my life but it changed my life! 


I found myslef on my first solo over seas trip, completely alone and though my anxiety was high when I first landed, it quickly dissapeared when I arrived at my destination. A yoga retreat ontop of a mountain in the most beautful place! I was in paradise. Durring my 6 days there, I was completely taken care of, I nourished my body with tons of yoga, water, sleep and fresh, local food. I had forgotten to take care of myself and this place reminded me how. I also found myself sorrounded by the most amazing people. They welcomed me, loved me, listened to me and allowed me to share pieces of myslef I had never shared before. Each person I crossed paths with made their mark on my soul and Im so thankful for this experience. 


To me, Costa Rica was vibrant with color. Green, luschoius plants and volcanic soil. Bright blue skies and deep blue water of the surrounding oceans and waterfalls. Vivid pinks and reds of the flowers that grew all along the paths of the retreat. 


This candle came out very clean and green. It's herbacious and extremely invigerating. Let this candle bring you to a place of rejuvination and calm. 


Notes of Cactus Flower, Sea Salt, Jade, Wild Fern and Fresh Air. 

Pura Vida

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