I created this candle in late summer of 2020. It's funny how everything happens at exactly the right time for me. I talk about how my lifes path has been qiute a difficult one a lot, so you'll see me explain that through my stories and my candles. Learning to trust my Intuition has been really difficult for me throughout my life, but I've come to finally realize that my Intuition is incredibly strong and ALWAYS leading me in the right direction. 


I remember the first time I really noticed my Intuition was when Ellie was on her way into this earth. We ( my ex-husband and I) were in the process of her adoption. We had not yet been matched with her birthmother when I had a vivid dream of her nursery with her name on the wall. One week later we got the call, we had been chosen by her birthmother and she was having a baby girl. When I learned her birthmothers name was Elizabeth, I instantly knew "Ellie" was on her way into our lives!!! And that is exactly what happened.... 5 months later, she was born and we were given the best blessing of our lives! 


Over the years since that awakening of my Intuition, I have heard it pushing me into certain directions and situations along the way, teaching me lessons I needed to learn to grow as a person, as a mother, and as a woman. This candle finally came to life in the middle of the weirdest year ever. For some reason in January of 2020, my Intuition told me not to sign on to so any out of state shows like I had the year before. You have to pay way in advance for these and they are not cheap, so the emails kept coming in for me to apply and I kept declining them, but I had no idea why.... Until March came along and the world literally stopped and everything was canceled. If I hadn't listened to my Intuition, I would have been in a really hard place because those shows weren't refunding the fees, they were holding them until everything was sorted out and here we are, a year later and that day still hasn't come. 


There are so many stories of my journey to Intuition, some are beautiful and some pretty ugly, but ALL were inportant and eye opening. Trust your Intuition..... It's ALWAYS taking you in the right diredction! 


Notes of Black Currant, Patchouli, Amber & Absinthe, make this candle truly unique. 


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