Campfire was made to represent my love of camping and bon fires. This candle really captures the authentic smell you get when sitting around a warm fire watching its beautiful, dancing flames. 


My boyfriend and I camp a lot together and there's really nothing like it. When I made this candle I really didn't know if i wanted my home to smell like that constantly, but, I have to say that I was suprinsingly happy with this one. It smells amazing with its warm and inviting smell of birch wood and fire with earthy vetiver to tone down the smoky vibes some campfire smells can give off. It was not overpowering yet it stands out and made all my guests ask me what that scent was. 


It's definitley worth a try ;)


Top notes:  Burnt Birchwood - Pine needle

Middle notes: Vetiver - moss

Bottom notes: Tobacco - sandalwood


PriceFrom $6.00