Fire is part of our Zodiac collection of candles. Made for all of the fire signs out there Aires, Leo & Sagittarius. Fire is a blend of Blood Orange and Black Pepper. It's bright, sweet and a little spicy just like those fire signs! I've had some very infuential fire signs in my life! My brother James was a Leo, one of my best friends who pushes me past my comfort zones is an Aires and my sweet boyfriend is also a Leo!


Aires ( March 20-April 19) Optimistic, Confident & Ambitous

Leo (July 23-August 22) Loyal, Passionate & Determined

Sagittarius ( November 23 - Dec 21) Independent, Open Hearted & Adventurous


Intersting fact: I have a little fire in my chart! My Saturn is in Saggittarius, in the house ruling my carreer and work. This was revealed to me when I saw an astrologist in Tuscon, AZ. She told me that I most likely would be working with fire....( Candle Maker) and that I needed to travel with said fire in order to be prosperous and align with my destiny..... ( Traveling Candle Seller) !!! So crazy how spot on she was and how my life turned out to be this way. If you believe in the stars as I do than you get it :)


Blood Orange, Black Pepper and Red Chili! 

Fire Zodiac Candle

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