For all those Water signs out there, this candle is for you. (Pisces - Cancer - Scorpio)


I'm a cancer rising sign so I have some water mixed in with my air dominant chart. For me it means I present myslef to the world as a a soft, sensitive and motherly figure. I come across as caring, loving and nurturing but Cancer is the represented by the crab, so beware. We will pinch if provoked and also we tend to need to hide in our caves when life gets too difficult. 


Most water signs are very deep in their emotions and a little mysterious. They love all things mystical, especially pisces and cancer. They experience love and hurt deeply, they frequently have light eyes that are very expressive. 


This candle has notes of Fresh Water, Bergamot, Green Tea & Sea Salt. It's very clean and goes great in any room!



Water Zodiac Candle

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