Part of the new tarot collection, this candle represents “The Lovers” card. Upright it represents soulmates, love, partnerships, relationships, romance, desire, major choices and shared values. 

It comes at a time in my life and my journey where I have finally found myself embodying this card. I am currently in a beautiful and meaningful relationship that feels just like the energy of this card. Now don’t worry, I am not naive when it comes to relationships, I know that things can change, but I also know that they each serve their purpose. 

This relationship I find myself in is teaching me that love is not confusing, it does not require you to change who you are, it is patient and kind and warm. We respect each other’s boundaries, we understand what we each need from the relationship and we encourage each other to keep growing. I feel blessed to have been given this gift at this point on my journey and I’m forever great full for his love.

This candle is juicy and grounding with notes of Blood Orange, Patchouli and pomander. It’s strong and delicious! 

The Lovers

PriceFrom $6.00