The Empress was inspired by my love of tarot and all things mystical. The Empress, when upright in a reading is a symbol of true femininity, abundance, nurturing, beauty and nature. She is a woman who has done the work on herself, she has been through her journey and grown from her mistakes, she is strong yet soft, she is kind, she is fair and she has earned her place on her thrown. 


All of 2019/2020, she kept popping up in my readings. I knew I had been on this path to become her for quite a long time yet I needed to learn a few more harsh lessons before I would truley become her. Today, I can sit here and tell you that I feel stronger than I've ever felt, more feminine than I've ever been and I truely feel like my most authentic self. I'm thankful for my journeywith all it's twists and bumps along the way that brought me to exactly where I was meant to be. 


Where ever you are on your lifes journey, I hope this candle brigns you exactly what it did for me! Enjoy this first candle in my Tarot Collection and the clean, soft, feminine smell it carries. 


Top Note : Cucumber

Middle Note: Lavender

Bottom Note: Green Tea



The Empress

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