Seduction is an intention candle I made somewhere along my journey to self love. Just like everyone says, you need to love yourself first before you can truley love and be loved. I found that to be very true, even though along the way I struggled to find love for myself. I was stuck in my failures as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter and a sister. I have stumbled in all these areas of life at some point or another. 


Perhaps the hardest for me was to find mytrue feminine energy. I had been in a sort of survival mode since my early teenage years becasue of major life circumstances regaurding family conflict, illness , death, self worth, misscarriage, infertility, adoption, divorce..... The first 30 years of my life were filled with a lot of trauma and unfortunately I found myself in an energy of taking care of myself most of the time at least emotionally. 


Eventually, once I really started taking care of myself, I started to feel like a woman. I found this through yoga practice. For me, it opened up energies inside of my body that I had repressed in order to survive the trials of my life. I began to feel soft again and I found my happiness through my daughter, my work, my self care and yoga. 


This candle sets the mood for that inner goddess we all have inside of us. If you're a guy it works for y'all too! It's made with 2 well known aphrodisiacs. One is the Tonka Bean from South America known for its ability to stimulate the senses and increase blood flow. It was used in tinctures for weddings and for fertility in tribes. The other is Gaharu Wood, from Southest Asia. It is actually a fungus found deep in the Gaharu tree and used for the same purposes medicinally to relax the mind and the body. It has been reported to also enhance labido and give you a euphoric feeling. 


This candle is earthy, and soft with a slight sweetness. It's a one of a kind smell that is hard to explain. But let me tell you it's a winner! Must try..... amazing in the bedroom or bathtub obviously, but eqaully as amazing right in the heart of your home! Don't be ashamed and light her up! 


Top Note: Tonka Bean

Middle Notes: Vanilla 

Bottom Notes: Gaharu Wood - Amber 


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