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Welcome to a sacred space of inner peace and harmony with our 'Namaste' candle. Inspired by ancient rituals of mindfulness and spiritual connection, this blend invites you to center your soul and elevate your senses.


Palo Santo, the holy wood of South America, leads the olfactory journey with its purifying and grounding aroma, clearing away negativity and inviting positive energy to flow freely.


Sandalwood and myrrh intertwine, offering a warm and woody embrace that calms the mind and uplifts the spirit, like a serene meditation in a fragrant forest.


Finally, cedar adds a touch of strength and stability, anchoring you to the present moment and filling the air with a sense of grounded tranquility.


Let 'Namaste' be your guide to inner balance and serenity, lighting the path to a harmonious state of being.


$18.00 Regular Price
$12.60Sale Price
  •  *8 oz Mason jar - 40-45 hour burn time.


    *12 oz tumbler & Floral candle - 55-60 hour burn time.  


    *16 oz Mason Jar - 90-100 hour burn time. 

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