Big Blue! Lake Tahoe will forever have a special place in my heart. For about 10 years my family had a summer cabin there and we would spend a few weeks every year out there. I remeber the first time I saw the lake, I was in complete awe of how big and blue the water was. The drive was so dramitic and beautiful to see the mountains open up into a giant blue lake like that. I loved our summers there, filled with gorgeous hikes, yoga seeions in the parks, paddle boarding, boat rides, picnics by the water, plunging into the clean, cold water & of course "Wet Willies" ( if you know, you know these are the best drinks ever). 


I miss those summer days, the huge pine cones on the ground, that angry Blue Jay that lived in the back yard, and all the tiny humming birds that visited us on our porch. This was a beautiful time of my life and i hold so many wonderful memories from this magical place! 


Top Notes: Fresh water, hyacinth

Middle notes: Mountain pine 

Botoom Notes: ozone, wild fern

Lake Tahoe

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