Learning to find Joy has been something I've been practicing for most of my life. During hard times, I find the best way through is to always look for the good in any situation. This is not always easy, especially when life gets crazy. I personally have struggled with this, my life has been a difficult journey, yet somehow I managed to always find the beauty in the chaos. 


I recently read a wonderful book called "The Book Of Joy" and it was a beautiful reminder that sometimes the most beautiful things come from some of the most tragic events. I have found this to be true in my life and this candle is my tribute to my joy that I have found. Joy to me can be found almost anywhere, in the woods under tall oak trees with the sun peaking in between the spanish moss, in my daughters laugh when I act super silly, or when I dive down into the ice cold Florida Spring water. If you know where to look, you can find it anywhere. 


This candle has and uplifting and bright smell, that brings a smile to your face! 


Top note : Rose Water

Middle note: Mint

Bottom Note: Grapefruit - Melon


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