Good old honeysuckle! This scent reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in north Georgia, this beautiful flower grew wild all over my back yard. I spent most of my days outside playing in the forest behind my home and I would always pick the honeysuckles, crush them up and rub their oils all over me like it was perfume, put them in my hair and pretend I was marrying the man of my dreams, or, I would pull out the center and drink its drop of nector from the bottom of the flower. If you've ever been around honeysuckle, than you know what I'm talking about and there is really nothing like it! 


I have just left this candle to be only honeysuckle and nothing else blended with it, because its so beautiful by itself that it doesn't need anything else! Enjoy traveling back to days when life was more simple, when you could roam free all day and not worry so much, days filled with tree swings, muddy river crossings, adventures in the forest and playing pretend!


PriceFrom $6.00