To be honest Black Tie is a candle I made after a harsh lesson in love. Clearly in my youth I was pretty inexperienced when it came to the subject. I was married very young and we were better friends than we were married unfortunatlety, but we spent 13 years together and I had never really dated before him. So when I found myself in my 30s, divorced witha small child and then in search of what "love" was, I naturally had to screw up and fall down a lot. 


I had to experience all the things one does when dating, but this one was new to me. We were also super close, almost more like friends.... but it still hurts when someone lies straight to your face no matter what the situation is. Black was his favorite color which was surprising because he was so silly and fun, but he had a darkness to him. Black, like his tattoos that he was forever working on...... Black, like his tie at that wedding he took me to so he didnt have to go alone.......Black, like his watch that didnt work even though he wore it everyday...... Black, like his eyes went when I caught him red handed in a lie.... 


I learned a little something from all of my experiences and I'm absolutley not bitter at all, though I clearly was when I made this candle. Ultimately, it taught me what I didn't want from a relationship, how to set my boundries early, and it led me on the right path to find the amazing man I'm with today, who I was meant to meet and who has shown me the definition of what "love" really is. I would't change a thing and I'm grateful for the lesson. 


This candle is a masculine candle: and though it's story is not so great... the candle is amazing and one of my best sellers!


Top Notes: Lavender

MIddle Notes: Oakmoss - Driftwood

Bottom Note: Amber


Black Tie

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