Gypsy Love was named to capture my days as a candle Gypsy as I lovingly called myself... I dont take the word offensivley BTW, as my eastern European blood courses through my veins and calls me to travel around selling my hand made goods. My ancestors did the same thing and I find it facinating that somewhere deep inside me I was still yearning for that life on the road. 


I fully dove into that role a few years ago, after my divorce. I traveled all over the states with my candles and found myself liberated and excited to explore every new place I went. These trips were special to me and I learned so much about myself on them. Each one had its own lesson and somehow put me on this path I find myself on today. Without these experiences I would be a very different person and I'm thankful for all of them. 


This candle smells of tall pine trees, with a deep earthiness to it. It brings me visions of dark green leaves and deep brown earth, spring/summer time in the smoky mountains where the ground is covered in lush moss and the air is crisp and clean. 


Top Notes: Cypress- Redwood

Middle Notes: Black Pepper - Pine Needle 

Bottom Notes: Moss- Earth- Cassis

Gypsy Love

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