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Why trim your wicks?

This topic comes up all the time for me! If I’ve ever sold you a candle, then you probably have heard me tell you to trim your wicks. Most of the time, if you’re new to homemade candle burning then you want to know why this is so important. Let me explain!

Most store bought candles are made from paraffin wax and are full of additives and preservatives that make their wicks “self trimming”, but here in my studio, we don’t use any of those. My candles only have soy wax, high quality oils and non toxic ingredients. So this means we have to trim our own wicks, and here is what happens when you don’t.

The first thing that will happen is that flame will become too large... when this happens it will melt more wax then we want and in turn make your candle burn out too fast.

Then, if you continue to light the wick without trimming it, you will start to see a bulb form at the top of the wick. We call it the mushroom, but basically it’s a little price of coal. Lighting it will produce a large flame 🔥 and probably also produce smoke. It will keep burning your candle too hot and too fast and you will soon start to see black soot forming on the jar from the flame touching the glass.

Lastly, continuing to burn the candle without trimming its wick can cause the jar to overheat at the bottom of your candle. Keeping the flame smaller will keep the jar and the wax at the right temperature. Glass can break at high temperatures! It’s just science!

So, how do you do it? It’s so easy! You just use scissors or trimmers if you’re fancy, clip the wick down to 1/4” before you light it every time! Throw that little piece in the trash and light your candle! That’s all! It’s a routine you should get into and it becomes like second nature! Trust me, you will love the results! You’re candle jar will be completely clean, and the candle will last a good long time and fill the house with its smell!

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