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candle of the month

Mays scent of the month.....

Gemini is the scent of the month!!!

Naturally since I'm a Gemini born in May, this month I'm discounting this awesome candle! It's a really complex scent that's  light and fresh... and if you know a Gemini woman than you know we are complex, happy and usually like to keep things light! :) Not to mention we are all over the place!!! Well at least I am LOL and so is this scent in the best way imaginable... 

Everyone who smells it says something like this... "I love this, I don't know why but I do...." Which makes me smile because I have heard that a million times when it comes to why people love me... Best thing is to just go with it and don't ask yourself why! Haha

Happy May everybody! 

October Scent Of The Month!

I am ready for some fall weather and for most of the US that is exactly what October brings. But for us Floridians, all we can do is dream. So I will be discounting Cornucopia this month to help remind us what October is supposed to smell like. 

Cornucopia: (Moderate)
Apple, pumpkin, pear blended with cinnamon. Fruity and spicy and everything nicey! :)

Septembers discounted scent of the month


Sweet sun-ripened blueberries mixed with smooth vanilla bean.

Each month we will feature a new scent and it'll be 10% OFF THE ENTIRE MONTH--at both the markets and online!

Enjoy & Get Lit Up!


This month in honor of the man who nicknamed me Hippie and helped mold me into the person I am today, we are discounting Indian Sandalwood! 

My sweet brother Jimbo, if you don't know my story already, sadly passed away 8 years ago. He taught me so much about life, love and the meaning of true happiness. He had such  a beautiful soul and  he was all about the love up until the very end. 

Indian Sandalwood is a scent he would have loved so much! So I will be burning this one all month long in honor of his birthday month. Happy birthday Jimbo, we're lighting this one up for you! 

Peace, love and candles you guys! 


Junes candle scent of the month

Forbidden Waters is the discounted candles of the month for June! 

Description: Salty sea air with notes of masculine amber and deep, watery undertones (**10% off at the markets and online through June**)!

Scent of the month for March

This month our discounted scent will be Sangria!!!!

It's spring time here in sunny Florida and we cant resist this candle any longer. It's one of our favorite candles and drinks! 

Sweet red wine, mixed with bright red cherry, raspberries and a hint of orange. 

Enjoy 10 % off this fragrance all month long!!!