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Ellie at the market

Loving that my girl is old enough to hang with me at work now ❤️ #mommydaughtertime

Positive Vibes

One major lesson this life has taught me so far... Everything happens for a reason and when things get turned upside down, there is usually something beautiful that comes out of it. Staying positive and open minded is how I get through the crazy times!

You can find me this Saturday at Wire Grass again! We will be there from now on on both the 1st and the 3rd Saturdays of the month! Come see me and get your fix and support local. 

Much Love 

What we've been up to this week

Had a fun week taking it easy with miss Ellie and my family... Spent some much needed time getting my garden ready for the next grow season and teaching baby girl all about getting dirty! Then over the weekend we spent the day with my dad for his birthday on the golf course and surrounded by 5 little girls! 

Pure Chaos! Haha

Now its time to come back down to earth and get cranking in the candle studio! Next markets will be in 2 weeks... 

March 4- Wire Grass

March 5- Hyde Park

Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday with your friends and families this year! It didn't quite feel like Christmas here in Tampa :( It's still soooo HOT! 

Yesterday was like 87, and I know I shouldn't be complaining because we I spent the day floating in the pool with miss Ellie and running around barefoot in a sun dress. Still didn't feel like Christmas though... I always wonder what it would be like to actually see snow on Christmas! Maybe one day....yea right! 

I'm officially back in the candle shop and working to restock my shelves after a very busy last few weeks since I got back from AZ. All is well and ready for 2017 to hurry up and get here. I'm excited to see what next year will bring me, and according to my psychic, lots of new changes and beautiful adventures... :)
 I can't wait! 

Full Moon Blessings

Last week seriously wiped your girl out! I think we all had a rough week with everything that has been going on. We all need a good cleansing every once in a while and tonight is the night!  

Tonight is a full moon, which means we get another chance to let go of the things or people in our lives that serve no purpose. A full moon represents a new beginning, it cleanses your soul and makes space in your heart for new and amazing experiences. 

Tonight, I hope where ever you are that  you will stop for just a minute and acknowledge her beauty. Send out a thought or a blessing to someone you care about. Find what it is that you need to let go of, hold it in your heart for a moment and then release it back into the universe. 

Ellie's 1st Birthday


I have been completely neglecting my website for the last few weeks and I finally have a few minutes to make a post.

 I have been so incredibly busy which is always good for me, otherwise I get bored easily and end up getting myself into trouble. 

Our baby girl Ellie turned one last week! She is my everything, my soulmate and also my biggest distraction! LOL 

If you don't know about my story I will give a quick intro, but you can find it in my other posts from last year.

We adopted Ellie last year. It was hands down the most intense experience of our lives. Adoption is a journey! 

Now she just turned one and is running all over the place, bumping her head on everything and quickly developing her own little sassy personality. She demands my attention, and since I  make these candles in my garage it gets distracting when there is an adorable little munchkin following me around leaving a path of destruction. 

With all that being said, I apologize if I'm hard to reach. I'm still here and still have mad love for all of you out there who love my candles! 

Take care :) 

Pretty Accurate