What's coming up for May!
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What's coming up for May!

One Tribe Fest
It's road trip time!!! May 5-6 We will be in Raleigh, NC for a hippie festival! I am still in the process of trying to find a fill in for me at Hyde park that weekend so stay tuned if we can make it or not. This summer is looking super busy and I am trying some new directions this year to see is traveling for festivals is worth it or not. So bare with me guys! I need to grow but it seems Tampa has been flooded with new candle business everywhere in the last few years.... Crazy how fast that happens.

Last year brought a lot of changes in my life, all for the better... But, since I did so much changing and growing last year, it is only natural that those changes will become apparent in my work as well. If you've been around me long enough you know that my candles are a part of me and they reflect stories of my life. So this year there will be a lot of growing and changing in my candles as well.

First was some fresh and more modern jars being added to my collections. They will be up for sale on my website shortly. The two big winners were the tall status jars and the square tumblers. So I have ordered those in bulk and will be carrying those from now on.
Also we introduced our new tins, which have done surprisingly well and they are here to stay as well. Will be available online soon!

Second. you guys have been asking me to do zodiac candles forever now, so I have been working on those as well. So far we have Earth & Water. Air and Fire have been trickier but are almost there! 

Third, I will be a traveling little candle gyspy this summer! I usually stick to my bread and butter local farmers markets, but this summer I have decided to take a risk and see if I can spread my wings and customer base through traveling with my candles. I am trying my best to find someone to work my normal market schedule here while I am gone. So don't worry and stay tuned on my social media if you can... That's usually the most up to date places. ( I will try to be more organized this year, I promise) And remember you can ALWAYS order online and free pick up will soon be available online!!! 


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