Night Time Vibes...
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Night Time Vibes...


Up late in the candle shop tonight! It's too hard to pour candles during the day while Ellie is awake! LOL 

She is 15 months old and sooooo full of energy! I know it's only temporary but this momma is tired! 

So we have 2 Markets coming up this weekend: 

Saturday 2/4/2017 --Wire Grass Mall from 10-2 pm

Sunday 2/5/2017--  Hyde Park from 10-3 pm 

It's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this weekend! So please come and say Hi, and support all the small local businesses at the farmers market this weekend! I know I need to pick up my monthly stash of Honey, Bread, Farm Fresh Eggs and of course whatever Locally Grown Produce is available this weekend! 

I Love My Farmers Market Life!!!! 

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