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Whats up?

It's been a while since I posted... So just an update of whats coming up and what we've been up to! 

After such a crazy fall and holiday season we have been very low key over here! I have been spending a lot of time with Ellie and having a blast with her. She loves to "help" me with everything I do, but especially when I'm in the candle shop! So it can be distracting, but so much fun. :)

Our next round of markets starts off Feb 4th... Wire Grass.
(I know that seems really far away, but it will give your girl a chance to get organized and have my full selection available for at the next market.)

2/4/17- Wire Grass 10-2pm

2/5/17- Hyde Park 10-3pm

2/11/17- Carrollwood 10-2pm

2/12/17- Seminole Heights 10-2pm

In the meantime if you need me you can always order online or contact me! 

Nothin but love for you all as always! 


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