Leaving On A Jet Plane...... & Online Orders
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Leaving On A Jet Plane...... & Online Orders

It's been a crazy fall/ holiday season here in the hippie house and your girl is ready for a break! I have to first thank all of my amazing candle junkies for your love and support! This year has been a huge success and it's all because of you... I started this business in 2013 first in my kitchen, then moved to the garage and soon I will grow out of my home base! I have taken over our entire garage and our shed out back... My poor husband has no where to put his things! LOL But he loves watching my little business blossom :)

This year I have gone through over 4,000 lbs of wax!!! That's a lot of candles made by yours truly! It's time for me to take a much needed break, and that's just what I'm going to do. 

Thanks to my amazing family and the support of my wonderful husband I will be  leaving for Arizona tomorrow to go on a retreat! Nature is where I  find my peace and can recharge my soul so I'm headed to the desert where I will be doing massive amounts of yoga, meditating, dancing under the full moon, lying in hammocks, star gazing, reading and soul searching... It will be amazing!!! 

 I will be back next Thursday and that means any online orders placed between now and next Thursday will be made on Friday when I get back into the candle studio. 12/16/2016. All orders will be shipped on Monday 12/19/2016 which will get to you before Christmas! 

My tent will still be set up both Saturday and Sunday this weekend thanks again to my man! He has volunteered to work my markets for me while I go let my crazy out in AZ! LOL
 ( It takes a very patient man to love me & I got really lucky) 

Anyways.... Nothing but love for you all as usual and you will hear from me next week! 


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