Ellie's 1st Birthday
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Ellie's 1st Birthday


I have been completely neglecting my website for the last few weeks and I finally have a few minutes to make a post.

 I have been so incredibly busy which is always good for me, otherwise I get bored easily and end up getting myself into trouble. 

Our baby girl Ellie turned one last week! She is my everything, my soulmate and also my biggest distraction! LOL 

If you don't know about my story I will give a quick intro, but you can find it in my other posts from last year.

We adopted Ellie last year. It was hands down the most intense experience of our lives. Adoption is a journey! 

Now she just turned one and is running all over the place, bumping her head on everything and quickly developing her own little sassy personality. She demands my attention, and since I  make these candles in my garage it gets distracting when there is an adorable little munchkin following me around leaving a path of destruction. 

With all that being said, I apologize if I'm hard to reach. I'm still here and still have mad love for all of you out there who love my candles! 

Take care :) 

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