Where you can find me this weekend...
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Where you can find me this weekend...

Hi everybody! 

Hopefully you are all having a great week. I have been a busy little candle pouring, hippie skirt wearing, song singing, crazy person this past week! But I am (for once in my life) actually ready ahead of time for my markets this weekend! Haha...

Tomorrow is the first day of October! That's right, what?!?!
Even though it's still sooooo hot down here, I have no choice but to break out the Pumpkin Souffle, Fall Festival, Autumn Harvest & Autumn Lodge! So if you're ready, come and get it! :)

Wire Grass- Saturday 10-2 PM

Hyde Park -Sunday 10-3 PM

Rain or shine for me!!! Sending out good vibes for shine! 

Hippie xoxoxo

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