Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays!

Hey there everyone! 

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of my loyal customers! These last few months have been crazy busy for us here in the Hippie House. We have a new baby who demands most of our attention.  I have spent the last month trying to find my groove of balancing being a new mommy and pouring candles, which is harder than I thought it would be. But thank you for your patience while I tried to figure it all out. 

On top of that I was in a pretty bad car accident a few weeks ago and have been dealing with a neck injury. ( don't worry, I will be fine) I'm just trying to heal and work and be a mom to a 7 week old! So this hopefully explains why our order times are a little longer than usual. But with all that being said, we are back on track and I am back in the candle studio pouring my little heart out. 

So we will have candles at the shows this weekend!!! Yay! I know the Holidays are right around the corner and you want to get your gifts so we will be ready for you. 

This weekend we have Wiregrass on Saturday 12/5/15
and Hyde park Sunday 12/6/15

( We anticipate it to be very busy so come early if you have any specific scents in mind.The holiday scents will go the fastest, but I am pouring all week so I can have enough for everyone)


Please get your orders in before the 16th!! That way I can get them to you before Christmas. We ship USPS and the holidays tend to get a little crazy for them so keep that in mind when ordering. 

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at the markets! 

Much love


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