We have new scents!!!
Hippie's Homemade Candles - Est 2013
Hippie's House of Candles

We have new scents!!!

We have some cool new scents for this summer! I'm in the mood for some summer drinks... 

We are proud to introduce Peach Mimosa!! It is bright and peachy with a champagne background!!! Its a perfect summer candle. 

Also new to the hippie collection is Man Cave!!! 

I have been getting a ton of requests for a man candle, so i have finally got one that to me smells like a man cave for sure. Its leather, mixed with patchouli cedar an tobacco. 

I have been working on 2 other new scents and they should be ready for next months shows! 

We will see you next month! Get lit up and burn those candles! 
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