Wax Warmers!!!!
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Wax Warmers!!!!

Do you love candles but are allergic to smoke? Or, are you afraid to burn candles at home because of children or pets? Well now you can still enjoy the delicious smell of Hippie's Homemade Candles without having to worry about all that. 

We have discovered and become obsessed with wax warmers here in the Hippie House.  Wax warmers are safe and easy to use. They are just decorative clay dishes that melt our wax without the need of a flame. 

We sell the wax in a clam shell mold that comes with 6 blocks of wax in each one. 

One block is all you need, and the scent should last for about 24 hours. Once the scent has evaporated from the wax, you pour out the old wax. (we pour it into a plastic disposable cup) And then Pop in a new block of wax. If you are changing the scent, just wipe out any left over wax from the previous bock with a paper towel before adding your new block of wax. 

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