Trimming the wick!!!
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Trimming the wick!!!

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I have a lot of customers asking about why you need to trim the wicks! Or they come to me with black soot on their jars and want to know what happened... The answer is simple.
The flame is the problem! If you allow your flame to grow too big it will be exposed to too much oxygen which fuels fire! This allows the flame to reach the sides of the jar and causes soot to buildup on the sides. Also if your flame is too big, your candle will burn much faster than it should and you will find yourself buying more candles quickly!
Our candles are meant to burn clean and slow. If you keep your wicks trimmed before every time you light it, your candle should take about 1-2 hours to form a perfect melt pool and it should not have any black soot on the jar!
Now, you may see a "mushroom" form after you have your candle lit for a couple of hours! This is something that happens all the time! It is simply carbon buildup from the wick burning the fragrance oil inside the candle. It just simply needs to be cut off before you re-light the candle!  
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