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Farmers Market Love

Farmers Market Love

Our newest candle pays tribute to our Farmers Market life which we love so much... 

Apple, Pear, Cinnamon & Pumpkin blend together perfectly to give this candle a warm, fruity and beautiful scent that will fill your home with love. 

The Farmer Market has always been a huge part of my Life. My mother used to take me to them all the time when I was little. I would save up my babysitting money and buy soaps, jewelry & anything else my little heart desired. 

Now, my life revolves around the Farmers Markets! I never in a million years thought I would end being a part of them, but I am so happy that it somehow found me... I feel so blessed that I can share something I love so much with my own little girl! 

New Retail Location!!!

Proud to announce another awesome retail location! 

NautiGirl Beachwear

NautiGirl is a surf/ beachwear shop located in the heart of Downtown St.Pete. The Owner Linda-Ann is the sweetest lady with a great sense of style and just all around positive vibe, which is evident in her retail shop. She has great bikinis and beach/ casual Florida attire as well as other accessories and of course now my candles!!! 

If you're in St. Pete and need a quick candle fix, now you have a place to go!

216 2nd St N
Saint Petersburg, Fl 

Armature Works

Some of my #creations available only @armatureworks_tampa.  Go check them out! They are #beautiful #lavender #sandalwood #oakmoss#privatelabel #exclusive #proud#hippieshomemadecandles #soycandles #tampa#smallbatch #handmade #byme #

Ellie at the market

Loving that my girl is old enough to hang with me at work now ❤️ #mommydaughtertime

Just clowning aound the candle shop

Baby Season

It's that time of year again!!!! Babies are on the way it seems for everyone :) Your girl has been a busy little baby fairy here in the studio pouring candles for lots of baby showers lately. I am absolutely honored to be able to help make your day a very special and memorable day for you and your guests! If you have an upcoming baby shower and would like a quote feel free to email me directly!


What's coming up for May!

One Tribe Fest
It's road trip time!!! May 5-6 We will be in Raleigh, NC for a hippie festival! I am still in the process of trying to find a fill in for me at Hyde park that weekend so stay tuned if we can make it or not. This summer is looking super busy and I am trying some new directions this year to see is traveling for festivals is worth it or not. So bare with me guys! I need to grow but it seems Tampa has been flooded with new candle business everywhere in the last few years.... Crazy how fast that happens.

Last year brought a lot of changes in my life, all for the better... But, since I did so much changing and growing last year, it is only natural that those changes will become apparent in my work as well. If you've been around me long enough you know that my candles are a part of me and they reflect stories of my life. So this year there will be a lot of growing and changing in my candles as well.

First was some fresh and more modern jars being added to my collections. They will be up for sale on my website shortly. The two big winners were the tall status jars and the square tumblers. So I have ordered those in bulk and will be carrying those from now on.
Also we introduced our new tins, which have done surprisingly well and they are here to stay as well. Will be available online soon!

Second. you guys have been asking me to do zodiac candles forever now, so I have been working on those as well. So far we have Earth & Water. Air and Fire have been trickier but are almost there! 

Third, I will be a traveling little candle gyspy this summer! I usually stick to my bread and butter local farmers markets, but this summer I have decided to take a risk and see if I can spread my wings and customer base through traveling with my candles. I am trying my best to find someone to work my normal market schedule here while I am gone. So don't worry and stay tuned on my social media if you can... That's usually the most up to date places. ( I will try to be more organized this year, I promise) And remember you can ALWAYS order online and free pick up will soon be available online!!! 



Yellow Daisy Here I Come

Yellow Daisy Festival!!! 

Stone Mountain Georgia
September 7-10

Off I go to fulfill a life long dream to be a part of this festival. I grew up in Stone Mountain GA and went to this craft festival since I was a little girl with my mom every year! This place holds a dear place in my heart and I am so beyond excited to be selling my candles here this year!  I used to save up my babysitting money and go shopping here when I was just a little girl. I never knew that one day I would be in this festival selling my candles! It's truly amazing how life can come around full circle like this... I just feel so blessed and it's only possible because of all my beautiful customers who support me and love my candles. I am so thankful for each and every one of you :) 

I will be posting about my trip so stay tuned! And if you want to stay updated while its going on, be sure to check out my Facebook or Instagram. 



Any online orders placed between 9/6 and 9/12 will be processed as soon as I return! 

Thank You and Much Love 

Southern Girl

"Southern Girl"
New scent #3 is ready for her debut! "Southern Girl" was created to represent my southern roots... I'm a Georgia girl and this candle has a special place in my heart ❤️ It's iced tea, lemon and honeysuckle blended together! In the south we make our iced tea with love, I added lemon  because I love them and honeysuckle because that reminds me of home! It grew wild all over my back yard and I was constantly covered in it! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!


Another new scent for you guys!

And it's a special one...

Introducing "Ellie"... named after my beautiful daughter who has brought so much joy to my life! She is my world  and I truly believe the universe brought us together... this one is for you baby girl!
Lavender, vanilla and sandalwood blended together to make this sweet and unique scent... just like Ellie! 

Write your post here.


First new scent going out into the world has been named "Trouble"! Why? Because it smells like a guy. A guy who would be nothing but trouble, like the kind of guy who you know would definitely end up hurting you... the kinda guy who girls can't help but be drawn to. This one is for anyone who's been that girl, take this candle home and say goodbye to that guy for good! Light it up and burn it down...  #trouble #newscent #masculine #thatguy #burnit #formygirls#lovehurts #haha

New Scents In The Making.....

When life happens, you get inspired and your girl is in the zone! 

Stay tuned because these are all turning out really good  a bunch of new scents are in the making... 

Been spending long nights in the studio with the music up, vibes right, and pouring my heart and soul into these new beauties.#newstuff #creating #growing #changingitup

Mays scent of the month.....

Gemini is the scent of the month!!!

Naturally since I'm a Gemini born in May, this month I'm discounting this awesome candle! It's a really complex scent that's  light and fresh... and if you know a Gemini woman than you know we are complex, happy and usually like to keep things light! :) Not to mention we are all over the place!!! Well at least I am LOL and so is this scent in the best way imaginable... 

Everyone who smells it says something like this... "I love this, I don't know why but I do...." Which makes me smile because I have heard that a million times when it comes to why people love me... Best thing is to just go with it and don't ask yourself why! Haha

Happy May everybody! 

Positive Vibes

One major lesson this life has taught me so far... Everything happens for a reason and when things get turned upside down, there is usually something beautiful that comes out of it. Staying positive and open minded is how I get through the crazy times!

You can find me this Saturday at Wire Grass again! We will be there from now on on both the 1st and the 3rd Saturdays of the month! Come see me and get your fix and support local. 

Much Love 
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