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Hippie's Homemade Candles - Est 2013

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8 0z Mason Jar
Small Mason Jar
Price: $14.00
Scent Selection:
16 Oz Mason Jar
Large Mason Jar
Price: $24.00
Scent Selelction:
Tea Lights 5 for $20
5 boxes of tea lights for $20 (any scent combination, color is Hippie's Choice)
Price: $20.00
wax Melts 5 for $20
5 wax melts for $20 (Any scent combination, color is Hippie's choice)
Price: $20.00
Room Spray
4 OZ Room fragrance spray (NOT A BODY SPRAY) No scents that contain vanilla (Birthday cake, ellie, vanilla bean, biscotti, pumpkin souffle, pumpkin pie)
Price: $12.00
Square Tumbler
12 Oz
Price: $18.00
Scent Selection:
Large tumbler
22 oz
Price: $28.00