Hand Poured In Tampa - Scent Selection
Hippie's Homemade Candles - Est 2013
*** Note***
 If any of the scents you're looking for are out of stock, shoot me a message because I may have a few pre-made in my inventory that I  can send you.


River Rose- Rosewood & Coriander. 
This one is super clean and slightly sweet and it comes with a really cute story.... 

Ellie is growing up fast! I guess having a mom who works at the farmers markets is fun for her, so she has made up her very own imaginary farmers market. Whenever I am working in the garage, she is pretending to pack up her little car with candles to go sell at the market (just like momma). So when you ask her which market shes going to, she'll tell you... "I'm going to River Rose" 

Nothing can make this momma's heart more full, so naturally I had to make a candle to honor this sweet memory from Ellie's childhood. It's a good one too! 

Morning Roast- 
Black Coffee, Milk, Honey

This smells like the perfect cup of coffee! It's Warm and inviting, strong and the perfect pick me up all in a candle.

Zodiac Candles

Earth-Capricorn- Taurus - Virgo

Moss, Wild Rose, Driftwood

Air- Aquarius - Gemini - Libra

Apple, Frankincense, Wildflowers

Fire-Aires - Leo - Sagittarius
Blood Orange, Chilli Pepper

Water-Pieces - Cancer - Scorpio
Bergamot, Sea Salt, Lotus Flower

Floral Scents
Southern Girl 
Black Tea, Lemon, Honeysuckle

"Southern Girl" was created to represent my southern roots... I'm a Georgia girl and this candle has a special place in my heart ❤️ !  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

Lavender & Chamomile give this candle a calming and grounding effect. Its perfect for a soak in the bath tub after long day. Cleanse away the stress of the day and give yourself a little serenity. 
Jasmine Vine-
Orange blossom, Jasmine petals and honeysuckle blended together to make this sweet and sensual floral scent. Jasmine grows wild all over my front porch and I love the way it smells after the rain. 
French Market-Gardenia, Tuberose, Magnolia Named after a trip I took to Paris... This candle evokes the memories of strolling through the French flower shops full of beautiful petals.

Flower Child- Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom. This one was made to honor my inner flower child where i run barefoot in the grass with wild honeysuckle growing all around my home, and the sweet smell of spring in the country. 

Vanilla, Lavender, Sandalwood

named after my beautiful daughter who has brought so much joy to my life! She is my world  and I truly believe the universe brought us together... this one is for you baby girl!
Lavender, vanilla and sandalwood blended together to make this sweet and unique scent... just like Ellie!

Clean Scents

Drum Circle-  Sea salt, fresh water, cannabis flower and a little Nag Champa.

Something near and dear to my heart, drum circle goes on weekly here in Florida on the beach at sunset. For me it is a place where you can relax, be yourself, and kind of let your flag fly. It’s a place where you can feel free and not be concerned what others think about you or your life. Sea salt, fresh water, cannabis flower and a little Nag Champa. Enjoy ;)

Oakmoss & Amber-  Oakmoss, Amber, Lavender and Sage.
 Incredibly clean scent that is not too masculine or feminine, I always suggest to try this one. Its perfect for every room and sells like crazy at every market and in all of my stores. 

Nag Champa- Oriental Resin & Amber.  This is a classic earthy scent that is resinous, rich and smells like a classic incense. 
Forbidden Waters:   
 Salty sea air with notes of masculine amber and deep, watery undertones. Another clean, watery, Florida scent reminiscent of the beach. 

Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood. Very sexy and masculine smell, if you like a little trouble in your life. ;)

Breathe Easy-Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage
Perfect for relieving stress and giving yourself a chance to breathe easy! Everyone says this candle is reminiscent of a spa, so light it up and zen yourself out for a little self care!

Bergamot Tea-  
An herbal/ clean scent of green tea, bergamot and tarragon which is a really nice clean smell that i absolutely love in my kitchen because its herbaceous and also uplifting with the citrus bergamot oil. 
Basil, Sage & Mint- 
Clean kitchen herbs blended together to make a light and fresh smelling candle good for every room! 

Georgia Pine: 
Smells just like a tall Georgia pine tree in the spring. Growing up as a Georgia girl my back yard was full of these. So nothing smells more like home then the fresh, clean smell of Pine. 


Natural Cotton-
Smells like clean laundry. Vanilla orchid and sandalwood.

Man Cave- 
Patchouli, cedar, oakmoss and leather blended together to make this manly and seductive scent that fits perfectly in every mans, "man cave".

 Summer Scents

Coconut Water & Sea Salt-
Sun ripened coconuts blended with sea salt and hibiscus, this is another one of my best selling summer scents. It smells like Florida in every way! 
Lime & Ginger-

sweet lime and zesty ginger make this scent a light and fresh summer scent. It burns really well with coconut!
Blackberry Amber-
This scent is one of my absolute favorites! It is not too sweet, and it has a sensual vibe to it with the amber mixed in. You should really try it! It's not crazy strong but there is something about this one that I'm really into. It's sexy! 
Citrus & Cilantro- 
Orange, grapefruit and lemon blended with cilantro. It's a hippie duplicate of the "Yankee" Citrus and Sage. It stands up to it very well I must say!
Sun Kissed-
Peaches, raspberries and magnolia blended together to make this light and fresh summer scent.
Red wine, Cherries, orange, and apple blend together and replicate the perfect glass of sangria on a hot summer day!

Spa Day-
This is a blend of Lemongrass and Lavender that is bright and sunny. This is a fan favorite and also one of my husbands favorites. 

Sweet Meyer Lemon-  
I love anything Lemon! This one is sweet and bright just like cutting fresh lemons in the kitchen! Imagine a pitcher of cold water with fresh lemons on a hot summer day! Heaven if you ask me. 

Pirate’s Breath-OUT OF STOCK  coconut, bourbon, and rum. what we all hope pirates would smell like LOL! This has quickly become one of my most popular scents. It warm and has a vanilla smell once its lit! 

Georgia Peach -
The sweet smell of a freshly picked, perfectly ripened peach in the dead heat of summer. I'm a sucker for peaches naturally, but I have to say we have some delicious peaches here in Florida too! Our season is just way earlier, but every year I take Ellie and we go pick our own in plant city! So delicious. 
Bakery Scents 
(Sinful and Delicious)

Vanilla Bean-
Such a great vanilla, smooth and creamy. Some Vanilla's can have a chemical smell that gives you a headache but NOT this one! It's perfect.

Sweet almond cookies with a hint of vanilla and a buttery top note.

Cinnamon Frosting- 
Cinnamon essential oil blended with buttercream! OMG this scent is so yummy, it's almost sexy!
Grandpa's Apple Butter 
Grandpa Lou's favorite breakfast! Apples, cinnamon, lemon zest and clove all make this warm and inviting smell! If you're trying to sell your home, burn this for your open house! It's a good one.

Hippie Style
Buzz Off-
If you're anything like me and get eaten alive every summer, then I made this candle just for you!!! Citronella based candle with a few secret essential oils that help repel those pesky summer bugs and it smells good too... HINT: Lavender and peppermint plus a few more! 

Indian Sandalwood-
This is a sensual essential oil that is very well known in the Hippie world. I love it and use it in many of my candles to add a touch of earthiness. 
If you're a hippie, you know this one! It's an essential oil that was used a lot buy the real hippie's back in the day! It's very earthy and grounding!
Frankincense & Myrrh- 
These are two more of my favorite essential oils to play around with. Very resinous and earthy and great for a meditation candle. 
Hippie's Garden-

Blend of basil sage & mint, and fresh cut herbs. This was a mistake I made that turned out really nice. So we kept it.
Hippie's House- 
Grandpa's apple butter mixed with patchouli. It sounds funny, I know. But it actually smells really good. Its homey and warm like baking during the holidays. ( It was actually a mistake I made a while ago. I took it to my market and it sold out so now I have to remake it all the time)
Free Spirit -
patchouli & lavender blended together. I love both of these essential oils for a lot of my everyday use. I use them in the bathtub, in the diffusers in both mine and Ellie's room, and now in a candle as well! 

Fall/ Christmas Scents

Autumn Harvest- 
Orange, grapefruit and clove. I am personally not a clove fan but I can't keep this one on the shelves,  it sells so fast! My candle junkies love it! So I don't mind making it all the time for you! 

Autumn Lodge- OUT OF STOCK
Cedar, honey and fall spices. This is a more masculine fall scent that reminds me of when the leaves turn yellow and orange in the fall. That never happens here in sunny FL, but back home it was my favorite time of year!
Farmers Market Love:
Apple, pumpkin, pear and cinnamon. This is my favorite fall scent because it's fruity and spicy at the same time, and sometimes pumpkin can overwhelm me. 

Fall Festival- 
Apple, Cinnamon & Clove mixed together to create this classic fall staple! It's warm and inviting and just smells like fall.
Gingerbread Cookie-
Smells just like the real thing! Ginger, clove, vanilla and cinnamon.
 Winter Cabin-
Orange zest, cinnamon and cedar. I wanted to create a candle that wasn't the typical Christmas scents that you always see everywhere, yet still smelled warm and woodsy. So this one is perfect if that's what you're looking for this season. 
Christmas Tree- 
Pine Needle - Fir - Holly Berry. This smells just like a fresh cut tree standing tall in the living room with a hint of sweetness in the background reminiscent of something delicious cooking in the kitchen. 
Snow Storm- 

Cedar, mint and vanilla & peppermint. This candle is more woodsy then sweet, it smells like walking through the woods on a snowy day. Crisp , clean, woodsy and fresh. 
Peppermint Bark-

Peppermint and dark chocolate. A classic take on one of my favorite holiday candies. It smells like the real thing and it has a nice warmness to it that makes everyone think you baked!