Hippie's Homemade Candles - Est 2013

*Why do I have to trim the wick?
Trimming the wicks is very important. Keeping the wicks trimmed will prevent black soot from forming on the jar, prevent big "mushrooming" at the top of the wick, and prolong the burn life of your candle. 

On top of all that it will also prevent your candle from becoming too hot, leaving your wicks untrimmed can result in the glass becoming too hot and cracking, breaking or shattering.

Simply trim your wick to 1/4 " and remove any clippings from the jar before lighting it to make sure it burns correctly. 

You can use a wick trimmer.... Or you can just use a good old pair of scissors! That's how I do it, they last longer then the wick trimmers you can buy and I trim A LOT of wicks! But if you don't feel confident in your wick trimming skills, get a wick trimmer! 
*How do you determine the burn time of your candles?
A lot of candle companies give you the maximum time their candles will burn in a "ideal setting". The candles are tested in a "test box". The test box creates a perfect environment for the candles to burn in. It protects the candle from drafts, allows just the right amount of oxygen in, and often the candle is refrigerated to give it the maximum burn time. Obviously, this testing process is very unrealistic unless you plan to burn your candles the same way!
When we started Hippie's Homemade Candles we wanted to use a realistic setting for our test burn. Our burn times are based on test burning in a "normal home environment". We test all of our candles in our living room, our kitchen, or our bedrooms. We burn them for about 2 to 3 hours at a time and we always trim the wicks before lighting again. The normal burn times for each size candle are as follows:
  • 8oz Mason Jar. 40-50 hours
  • Square Tumbler Jar 50-60 hours
  • 16oz Mason Jar. 80-100 hours depending on scent
  • Tall Tumbler Jar. 100+ hours
*How can I maximize the burn time of my candle?
  • Trim your wicks
  • Only burn for 3-4 hours at a time
  • If there's any left at the bottom after it no longer will light, scrap out the wax and use it in a wax melter.
*How can I tell if my candle is pure soy?
A great way to tell is by it's outward appearance. Soy wax tends to look creamy and soft sometimes with subtle white discolorations and unique natural markings on the surface of the candle.  Soy candles sometimes have a frosted appearance and may sweat in the heat, these are all characteristics of pure soy candles.
* Do your candles smell strong?
Yes! Our candles are drenched with the maximum amount of  oil that our pure soy wax can hold! Some oils are naturally stronger than others. We have tested hundreds of scents and chosen the very best. Our candles take one week to cure to its full potential.
* Where are your candles Produced?
Every candle is made with love in my home right here in Tampa Florida!
* Why do some of your candles turn yellow?

This happens because we do not use any additives or preservatives in our candles. When natural soy candles are exposed to harsh light, they may discolor or turn yellow. This mainly happens to scents that have vanilla in them! ( Vanilla Bean, Ellie, Pirates Breath, Pumpkin Souffle) But it does not effect the quality of the candle or the scent throw. It is just another way to know that you have a 100% soy candle.
* Why is there still a little wax left at the bottom when the candle is finished?

We did this on purpose! Our candles are designed to go out on there own with a 1/4 inch of wax left. This is a safety feature of the wick, so that you can feel safer when burning the candle. 

*How can I put out my candle without all the smoke from the wick?

Use a wick dipper! They  are the coolest thing ever! They are specially made metal dippers. You just push the flame down into to melted wax and it will go out with hardly any smoke. Once the flame has gone out, make sure to pull the wick back up and out of the wax. And make sure it is straight. That's it.... 
Also make sure you're trimming your wicks diligently and they will have minimal smoke when extinguished.