Get Lit Up!!! - Our Candles

Hand Poured candles, drying

*Our  candles are made of pure soy wax with no additives or preservatives. 
*We recycle jars here in the Hippie House, and we offer a discount if you bring back your used jars!
jasmine vine, sweet floral scent

*We use all phalphate free fragrances blended with essential oils.... Which means no hazardous chemicals and no carcinogens. I try to make them as natural as possible without losing the strong scent throw that you get from my candles!

* Our wicks are cotton with a zinc core. We use these wicks because they are non toxic, lead free and provide a hotter than normal burn due to the fact that we do not add preservatives or additives into our candles. And they are part of why they smell so strong!