Get Lit Up!!! - Customer Reviews

  • "Bought some wax melts from you at the Seminole Heights market, the sweet snow is one of my favorite scents, like, EVER!"
  • These are seriously the best candles...!
  •  "LOVE my new Autumn Lodge candle! Can't wait to see you next month! I'll be sure to save my jar this time!"
  • "Bought some of your wax melts today at the North Market in Carrollwood! Love the Sea Salt & Lotus Flower!"
  • "Just purchased one of your Pumpkin candles at Wiregrass today, it smells great and it's not even lit!"
  • "It's not even a review I am sharing, it's a testimonial. Hippie's candles are just the right scent for the right time, for the right length of time and quality. Everyone who has smelled them in my house or workplace has loved them and I love Hippie too. Keep it going....
  • "Mmmm. Cinnamon bunz smells sooo good. Thank u"
  • "These candles are amazing!  I especially love the Biscotti, Birthday Cake and Green Tea scents! They all smell so good and fill up my entire living room.  I highly recommend these candles and know you will be happy with your choice!"
  •  "Love, love, love my Lavender candle that I got from Hippie's Homemade Candles at the Red Barn Flea Market. Time for a new one!"
  • I got a Hippie candle for Christmas 2013 from a manager; I loved my candle so much I went to Wiregrass and bought 3 more different scents. These candles are not like any other, they really do make the room they are in smell wonderful and there is a wide variety of scent choices to choose from. I'm officially a Hippie's Homemade Candle lover. I will never buy a candle from anywhere else again.

  • Love, LOVE your blueberry cobbler, birthday cake, pumpkin soufflé mixed candle!! Smells like heaven - and thank you for the soy candle options I cannot wait to sample many more flavors!
  • My house has never smelled so good! These are the first candles that burn uniformly all the way till the end. Hippie's Homemade Candles rocks!
  • Love your candles! Got some for the second time at Hyde Park market earlier this month and literally burned through them in two weeks!! Spa Day is AMAZING!

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