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Ellie's 1st Birthday
This Weekends Markets?
October Scent Of The Month!
Where you can find me this weekend...
Made with love!


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Ellie's 1st Birthday


 I have been completely neglecting my website for the last few weeks and I finally have a few minutes to make a post.

 I have been so incredibly busy which is always good for me, otherwise I get bored easily and end getting myself into trouble. 

Our baby girl Ellie turned one last week! She is my everything, my soulmate and also my biggest distraction! LOL 

If you don't know about my story I will give a quick intro, but you can find it in my other posts from last year.

We adopted Ellie technically a few days after she was born but spiritually, emotionally and energetically long before she was born. I will never forget hearing her heart beating on a monitor a few months before her due date and instantly falling in love with her.

We all know that I'm a lover, but this was way more intense than any other love I will ever experience. It was such a beautiful experience, but that's not what this post is about, back to the point. 

Now Ellie is one and running all over the place, bumping her head on everything and quickly developing her own little sassy personality. She demands my attention, and since I  make these candles in my garage it gets distracting when there is an adorable little munchkin following me around leaving a path of destruction. 

With all that being said, I apologize if I'm hard to reach. I'm still here and still have mad love for all of you out there who love my candles! 

Take care :) 

This Weekends Markets?

Come and see me this weekend @ Carollwood and Seminole Heights Farmers Market. 

We will NOT be at Corey Avenue Market just so you know ( I couldn't find another picture) :) 

We will have pumpkin everything and the weather looks like it will be really nice! 

October Scent Of The Month!

I am ready for some fall weather and for most of the US that is exactly what October brings. But for us Floridians, all we can do is dream. So I will be discounting Cornucopia this month to help remind us what October is supposed to smell like. 

Cornucopia: (Moderate)
Apple, pumpkin, pear blended with cinnamon. Fruity and spicy and everything nicey! :)

Where you can find me this weekend...

Hi everybody! 

Hopefully you are all having a great week. I have been a busy little candle pouring, hippie skirt wearing, song singing, crazy person this past week! But I am (for once in my life) actually ready ahead of time for my markets this weekend! Haha...

Tomorrow is the first day of October! That's right, what?!?!
Even though it's still sooooo hot down here, I have no choice but to break out the Pumpkin Souffle, Fall Festival, Autumn Harvest & Autumn Lodge! So if you're ready, come and get it! :)

Wire Grass- Saturday 10-2 PM

Hyde Park -Sunday 10-3 PM

Rain or shine for me!!! Sending out good vibes for shine! 

Hippie xoxoxo

Made with love!

It truly is such a blessing in life to be able to share a part of myself with others. 

Each candle is hand poured by me, in my home and always made with nothing but love. 

It's always so funny to me at the end of the day, because you can tell my mood by the color of the candles I made. They  are always different. 

Some days they come out as very pale & pastel which to me means I was very happy and feeling girly that day. Other days they come out very bright and bold, which means I probably woke up feeling determined & focused. Then there are days when the colors just don't come out right, they are just a little off. It doesn't happen often but those are the days when I'm feeling sad, angry, worried or stressed. 

I really do pour my heart into these candles everyday! I'm a giver and I give a little piece of myself with each one! I hope you enjoy your candles no matter what color they turn out, and know that we are somehow connected through them! 

Happy burning! 

Free Spirits

To all my "Free Spirits" out there... 

Sometimes life and people try to break you down but don't let them. They just aren't built the same way we are, and don't have the ability to love like we do. Lets face it, we are intense and sometimes too much to handle.

Sensitivity is a strength not a weakness, being able to show your emotions takes a lot of courage, and loving people no matter what they have done to you is hard to do. 

Love comes to us in all different forms and times in our lives. Whether it's the family, friendly or romantic kind of love, in the end it's the only thing in life that matters. Embrace it, experience it and know when it's time to let it go... But never give up on it! 

Ok..... Hippie Girl/ Free Spirit/ Girly Girl/ Romantic Soul Rant is complete! LOL 

2 new Markets coming up!!

I am so excited to announce that I have been invited to sell my candles at a new Makers Market @ 2 Whole Foods Locations!!!

First one up is a one time trial @ the South Tampa Location! 

Thursday 9/29/2016 from 5-8 pm

Second one is Whole Foods Makers Market @ Carrollwood Location!

This one will be held every Thursday OCT-DEC from 5-8pm

So come out and support your girl!!!       

 I have been wanting this FOREVER and I am so stoked to finally be a part of these markets! 

Hippie Goes To Tahoe!!!

It's that time of year again! We are leaving for our yearly trip to Lake Tahoe! We will be gone all week from Monday 9/13/2016- Sunday 9/18/2016... After such a long and HOT summer down here in Florida I am so ready for nice weather, hiking, biking, boating and fresh air. And for me personally it couldn't 
come at a better time.... Your Hippie girl has had a rough couple of weeks! But I will be back, refreshed, renewed and ready for the craziness! 

Please note that my online store WILL still be accepting orders, but they will not be fulfilled until I return starting Monday 9/19! 

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Oh the struggles of being a wildflower!

I think it's hard for people to understand and appreciate us "wildflowers" for who we are. 

All I can say is love yourself and don't change for anyone! You're perfect the way you are, wild, free and beautiful.

Septembers discounted scent of the month


Sweet sun-ripened blueberries mixed with smooth vanilla bean.

Each month we will feature a new scent and it'll be 10% OFF THE ENTIRE MONTH--at both the markets and online!

Enjoy & Get Lit Up!