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 My name is Krista, but you can call me Hippie. It's a nickname I've been called since I was a baby (long story but we just roll with it). No, I'm not an actual Hippie, I was born in the wrong time era. I think of myself as more of a Free Spirit with a Hippie soul! 

I started making pure soy candles from home because I hate buying expensive candles, only to light them and smell nothing. Also I am very sensitive, and not only in my soul but my body too. So I needed candles that don't set off my allergies or asthma.

After many years of frustration trying to find a great place to buy candles, I decided to make my own. 

It took a long time to get it right, but after all of the testing and tinkering, I came up with a candle that does not disappoint. 


Each candle is made with pure soy wax to ensure a clean burn, and scented with the highest quality (phthalate free) oils to fill your home with its delicious fragrance, but without the headache you can get from other fragrance oils. 
Each candle is highly scented, non toxic and hand poured by me in my home. Whether you like a strong candle to fill your home or a lighter more subtle scent, we have something for everyone!
 We offer three basic jar varieties, an 8 Oz. Mason jar, a 16 Oz. Mason jar, and a 12 Oz Tumbler in every scent. We also have tea lights and wax melts in each scent. Along with an assortment of decorative jars to fit every home decor.

basic candle jars, mason jars, soy candles, hippie candles

Here in the Hippie House, we strive to give you a candle you will enjoy from start to finish. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy with what you find.


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