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Pretty Accurate
What makes me a Hippie???
Don't Miss Out On August Discounted Scent Of The Month!
Scent of the month sale!!! July 2016


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Pretty Accurate

What makes me a Hippie???

I get this question all the time. This definition sums it up pretty well I think! 

It's all about the love... That's all its ever been about. No matter how different you and I may be I still love you the same! 

And hopefully when you light up my candles, you can feel that love. Because I poured it,  in my candle studio,  probably jamming out to some great music with a smile on my face and love in my heart! 

Don't Miss Out On August Discounted Scent Of The Month!


Indian Sandalwood is a sensual and earthy essential oil that is well-known in the world of Hippies. We make the scent of this candle even warmer and more inviting with                                                                                                  a touch of cedarwood.

Each month we will feature a new scent and it'll be 10% OFF THE ENTIRE MONTH--at both the markets and online!


This month in honor of the man who nicknamed me Hippie and helped mold me into the person I am today, we are discounting Indian Sandalwood! 

My sweet brother Jimbo, if you don't know my story already, sadly passed away 8 years ago. He taught me so much about life, love and the meaning of true happiness. He had such  a beautiful soul and  he was all about the love up until the very end. 

Indian Sandalwood is a scent he would have loved so much! So I will be burning this one all month long in honor of his birthday month. Happy birthday Jimbo, we're lighting this one up for you! 

Peace, love and candles you guys! 


Scent of the month sale!!! July 2016

The scent of the month is Tropical Breeze! 
10 % off this scent all month long!

Orange and pineapple blended with coconut and salty sea air.

Junes candle scent of the month

Forbidden Waters is the discounted candles of the month for June! 

Description: Salty sea air with notes of masculine amber and deep, watery undertones (**10% off at the markets and online through June**)!

3 New Scents

Hi everyone! 
We have been working hard to bring in some new scents for your enjoyment and we have 3 that we know you will love!

Forbidden Waters: Just in time for summer we have created this watery/ oceanic/ masculine scent for you. 
Salty sea air with notes of masculine amber and deep, watery undertones.

River Mist:Inspired by my childhood, the neighborhood I grew up in was built all around a river which sprouted brooks and waterfalls surrounded by wild greenery that became our natural playgrounds. 
Notes of fresh air and ozone, green basalm and wild fern with base notes of neroli and thyme.

Georgia Pine:   Another throw back to my roots. 
This smells just like a tall Georgia pine tree in the spring.(Minus the pollen)

We hope you will enjoy these new scents as much as I enjoyed creating them. They were made with lots of love.

Online Store Is Closed Until May 13th.

We are going out of town! The online store will be closed starting today and will re-open upon our return on the 13th of may. Any orders placed between April 30-and May 12th will not be made until the the 13 when we get back from Italy! 

Thank you and see you when we get home. 


Scent of the month for March

This month our discounted scent will be Sangria!!!!

It's spring time here in sunny Florida and we cant resist this candle any longer. It's one of our favorite candles and drinks! 

Sweet red wine, mixed with bright red cherry, raspberries and a hint of orange. 

Enjoy 10 % off this fragrance all month long!!! 


We wanted to start 2016 off by now offering a discount on the scent of the month! This discount will apply online and at the markets! 

January's scent of the month: