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upcoming markets
A couple of updates!
Fall is right around the corner
Online Store will be closed!!! 8/18-8/31
Market Updates


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upcoming markets

It's back to usual here in the hippie house! We are gearing up for the holiday season and this months markets. We will be @ the Carrollwood market this Saturday and Seminole Heights on Sunday!Hope to  see you there! 


A couple of updates!

Good bye summer, hello fall!!! I don't know about ya'll but it has been a long, HOT summer down here in Florida and I am so over it!!  I can't wait for the fall markets that are a perfect 78 degrees and sunny. No more miserably long days where it's all I can do to keep myself and my candles from melting! 

I just got back from an awesome trip with my girlfriends to New Orleans and I have to say I had the time of my life. Short lived but definitely unforgettable and amazing! It couldn't have come at a better time in my life because there's about to be a whole lot of crazy happening in the Hippie House really soon.... 

We are adopting a baby girl!!!!! I know, what? I decided not to share this news until now because of a few reasons, mainly because I was too afraid that it wouldn't go through, but also it was just a very personal struggle for me. Adoptions are no walk in the park! But we are so excited!!! 

She is due to arrive any day now, her actual due date is October 11th, but as many of you mommies out there know, babies come into this world when they are ready to. 

What does this mean for  the market schedule for October? Well I have no idea! We will be playing it all by ear to see when baby Ellie will make her appearance. Here is what October looks like so far:

Wire Grass Market-- on Saturday October 2nd. (my dear friend Andrea will be working the market for me)

Hyde Park Market--Sunday October 3rd  ( not set in stone) If she is still not here, I will be there. ( just check with us on facebook for an update)

Carrollwood Market--- Saturday October 10th ( Again my angel friend Andrea will be working it for me) 

Seminole Heights Market--- Sunday October 11th Ellie's Due Date.. ( My friend Loraine has offered to work this one for me) But again if Ellie is not here, I will be there to help. 

I hope you all will understand and be flexible with me this month! I plan on returning to all my markets in November, and remember I will be home so you can always order online!! 
Thank you so much to all my awesome candle junkies and friends. 

Much love to you all! 

Fall is right around the corner

All of our favorite fall scents are back!!! 

Try out our fall collection

Pumpkin Souffle
Autumn Harvest
Fall Festival 
Autumn Lodge

Online Store will be closed!!! 8/18-8/31

It's that time of year again! The hippie is going on a Vacation!!!!! We will be closing down the online store this wednesday after 4:00 pm east coast time. It will be closed from 8/18/2015---8/31/2015.

If you need any candles feel free to check out the Karma Chic Boutique on Swann Ave in South Tampa while I am gone. They have a nice selection of our candles there.

Also "My Crazy Aunts Attic" off of Linebough  has a selection of our candles to chose from.

Thanks everyone for the support and see you when we return from Lake Tahoe!!!

Market Updates

Just a reminder that Hippie's candles won't be available at a local market until the Fresh Market at Hyde Park on July 5th due to a limited summer market schedule! 
If you need candles in the meantime, we offer FREE SHIPPING online 

Did you know that you can *customize* your online orders by choosing your favorite COLOR and SCENT? There are hundreds of combinations from which to choose!

Scent of the week


Red Wine, cherries, apple and orange blended together to replicate the perfect glass of sangria on a hot summer night!

Free Shipping!!!!!

We are pleased to announce that we now are offering free shipping on all orders placed online. 

Keep in mind that these are custom candles and are all made to order! Orders placed on Fridays will be made on Mondays, as I am usually working at the markets on the weekends. 

Coming up May 19-26th we will be out of town and all orders placed during that week will be fulfilled when I get home from Portland!!! 

Thanks and have a great week!

We have new scents!!!

We have some cool new scents for this summer! I'm in the mood for some summer drinks... 

We are proud to introduce Peach Mimosa!! It is bright and peachy with a champagne background!!! Its a perfect summer candle. 

Also new to the hippie collection is Man Cave!!! 

I have been getting a ton of requests for a man candle, so i have finally got one that to me smells like a man cave for sure. Its leather, mixed with patchouli cedar an tobacco. 

I have been working on 2 other new scents and they should be ready for next months shows! 

We will see you next month! Get lit up and burn those candles! 

April is here!!!!

This weekend we will be in Wire Grass on Saturday and Hyde park on Sunday! I know it's Easter Sunday and most of you won't be able to come and see me, but I will be there. If you are looking for something to do with the family, come on down! I have a new scent for you to try! "Inner Peace"

Wax Warmers!!!!

Do you love candles but are allergic to smoke? Or, are you afraid to burn candles at home because of children or pets? Well now you can still enjoy the delicious smell of Hippie's Homemade Candles without having to worry about all that. 

We have discovered and become obsessed with wax warmers here in the Hippie House.  Wax warmers are safe and easy to use. They are just decorative clay dishes that melt our wax without the need of a flame. 

We sell the wax in a clam shell mold that comes with 6 blocks of wax in each one. 

One block is all you need, and the scent should last for about 24 hours. Once the scent has evaporated from the wax, you pour out the old wax. (we pour it into a plastic disposable cup) And then Pop in a new block of wax. If you are changing the scent, just wipe out any left over wax from the previous bock with a paper towel before adding your new block of wax.